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The Mission of Page & Stage Theatre Co. is to develop great performers, readers, and people, using theatre to inspire literacy, creative self-learning, confidence, kindness, and a passion for the arts and overall education. More than just "another theatre program," we are committed to our youth succeeding onstage and off, by teaching the art of theatre as “rehearsal for reality” and by achieving measurable improvements in each child’s reading skills.


The seed of Page & Stage Theatre Co. was planted in the summer of 1994, as the Kokomo Summer Drama Camp.  KSDC was founded by the current director's mentor and dear friend, the late Marjorie Scionti-Johnson, who was also the founder of Curtain Call Theatre for Children in Kokomo, Indiana.  Marge inspired several young actors, including current Camp Director Paul "Spike" Wilson, to pursue careers in the theatre.  In 1997, Wilson took over as the Director and Curriculum Head. 

For nearly two decades, KSDC a workshop for all ages and levels of experience.  With over a thousand alumni, it is one of the longest-running and most successful programs in the Midwest. Six of our campers have gone on to professional careers in the theatre, while even more have gone on to major in theatre and attain college degrees in areas like education, nursing, and psychology!


The vision for Page & Stage Co. is all about becoming a vital part of the arts and education in the greater Indianapolis area.  But, no matter how big we grow, our focus will always be on serving the needs of young actors and readers.


  • Training in the essential basics of acting, auditioning, voice, and stage movement.

  • Intensive one-on-one and small group work with training teachers and advanced-level actors.

  • A safe and compassionate learning environment, which engenders not only excellence in acting, but also works to improve reading skills, confidence, and social interaction, while fostering a lifelong love of learning.

  • A public performance at the end of the camp, in which all campers participate!

  • Each year is different.  Many campers choose to come back for many summers.  If you've been in it before, expect new and exciting opportunities when you enroll this time!

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