Camp Session Option Three: “Radio Plays and Voiceover Acting”


(appropriate for ages 13-18, and by invitation only for younger campers)


Mon through Thurs, 12:30-2:30pm for everyone, with 30-minute breakout sessions for individuals and small groups between 3:00-5:00pm.


Older campers will have the additional option of recreating radio plays from the 1930s, 40s, and 50s. These classic recreations will then be distributed to area nursing homes, libraries, civic centers, and churches for free.


- Campers will perform several advanced characters and create innovative “Foley” (radio sound effects using everyday objects).


- They will learn sound recording technology and editing. They will become masters at creating “character voices” that can be used in anything from stage and improv to radio, commercials, and stand-up.


Final Performance: Feature/Star in Remakes of Class Radio Plays


Each camper will play many parts in several shows, including award-winning mystery/thrillers like “The Ten Grand,” and “Sorry, Wrong Number,” science fiction like “Dimension X,” and comedies like “Who’s on First?” and “Grand Central Station.”


One week before the start of camp, the Camp Director will reach out to you at the email you provide during checkout with all technical details you need.

Camp Session 3: Radio Plays and Voiceover Acting (ages 13-18)

  • To participate, you’ll need access to a minimum of a smartphone camera that can record video OR computer with webcam and Zoom (free to join).

    Optional other equipment: microphone, headset.