Camp Session Option One: “Making a Web Show”


Mon & Wed, 9:00-10:00am for everyone, with 30-minute breakout sessions for individuals and small groups between 10:00am and 12:00pm


(appropriate for ages 4-18)


- During production, campers will learn the basics of acting for small cameras (like GoPros, web cams, and phone cameras), lighting and sound set up, makeup, and other vital lessons needing to make viral videos.


- Campers will be involved in all parts of production, from outlining, writing, and filming to sound and editing. They will learn how a web/tv show is put together!


Final Performance: Desperate Artists (a Web Show), Season One

Help create a family-friendly comedy/mystery webshow that will premiere on YouTube and the Page & Stage website. There will be several episodes in the first season. We will try to give each child an equal part in the show. Kids will have the option to help write their own material!


One week before the start of camp, the Camp Director will reach out to you at the email you provide during checkout with all technical details you need.

Camp Session 1: Make a Web Show (ages 4-18)

  • To participate, you’ll need access to a minimum of a smartphone camera that can record video OR computer with webcam and Zoom (free to join).

    Optional other equipment: microphone, headset.