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Page & Stage Theatre Co.

announces its first annual 

Christmas Show!

Our production of Babes and Toyland is adapted from the original, but retains all the songs from the premiere.  Originally produced as a children's operetta in 1903, Babes in Toyland has been a beloved Christmas classic for generations.  The plot takes the audience to a world populated by wicked misers, bumbling pirates, and a menagerie of Mother Goose characters as they prepare for the Christmas holiday.  Will Alan and Jane survive the plotting of their evil Uncle Barnaby, who wants to take over their father's toy factory and wed the sweet Contrary Mary?  Will the Moth Queen protect the children from the giant Spider?  Will pirates win the day or just trip over each other?  Will the Little Old Lady Who Lives in a Shoe be foreclosed on?  Will Bo-Peep ever find those blasted sheep in time for Christmas?  




Uncle Barnaby (a rich miser) – Josh Gibson

Jane (Barnaby’s niece) – Gabrielle Gilliam

Alan (Barnaby nephew) – Ella Satterfield

Hilda (Piper household maid) – Olivia Adair

Roderigo (a sentimental ruffian) – Olivia Adair

Gonzorgo (his hard-hearted partner) – Kate Beach

The Widow Piper (with fourteen children) – Katherine Gibson

Tom Tom – Quinn Banker

Boy Blue – Victor Matinez

Simple Simon – Vivian Martinez

Peter Pumpkin Eater – Tyler Gibson

Contrary Mary – Gracie Estok

Bo-Peep – Kyndall Gilliam

Miss Muffet – Veronica Martinez

Bobby Shaftoe – Clark Thomas

Tommy Tucker – Simon Thomas

Jack – Owen Aloisio

Jill – Cheyenne Hall

Red Riding Hood – Cheyenne Hall

The Brown Bear – Kids who play the Piper children.

The Spirit of the Oak – Kyndall Gilliam

The Spirit of the Pine – Clark Thomas

The Spirit of the Willow – Valerie Martinez

The Spirit of the Sycamore – Veronica Martinez

The Giant Spider – Pooja Thakkar

Master Toymaker – Chuck Kellum

Inspector Marmaduke – Kate Beach

Grumio – Bhavya Thakkar

Toy Soldiers, Dolls, and Other Toys – The boys and (and some girls) who play the Piper children.

Great actors make great readers.  We make both.


Page & Stage Theatre is an emerging company of theatre professionals and teachers based out of Noblesville, Indiana.  Our signature event is the Page & Stage Summer Camp, in which children and youth learn vital reading skills through the art of theatre.


We are based in Noblesville, Indiana. We welcome campers in the Hamilton County and all surrounding counties.  In the past, we have even had students fly in from Brazil to participate.


Look back on your childhood.  Think of your strongest memories and most profound learning adventures. Both science and experience tell you these things are stronger because of your emotional connections to them.


Emotion enhances memory and learning.  The theatre is a safe place to explore emotions and forge those deep, lasting connections.  At our camp, we use theatre games, rehearsals, and performance to teach phonics, vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension.  Each day, our campers are onstage, rehearsing and performing their new reading skills.  So, what better place for a child to learn to read, or improve reading, than on stage?


This is the mission of Page & Stage Camp – to build literacy at all levels through the fun, play, and constant learning of theatre!


Page & Stage Summer Camp includes such activities as…


  • Physical Phonics

  • Reading Comprehension through Pantomime, Improv, and “Plot Twisting”

  • Literacy Plays that teach key aspects of reading and writing

  • Performed poetry, written by local authors and the kids themselves!

  • A final performance in which every camper performs and shows off their new skills.


There are no stars on our stage – just great performances!


The Camp Director is the Artistic Director of Page & Stage Theatre Co., Dr. Paul "Spike" Wilson, a professional director, playwright, and theatre educator with over 25 years of experience. Under his leadership, Kokomo Summer Drama Camp (1997-2016) grew into one of the longest-running, most intensive, most successful theatre camps in the Midwest.  He has trained over a thousand young actors, many of whom have gone on to careers in professional theatre.


We offer a safe, educational, and fun summer for children 4 and up, and adults by special arrangement. Whatever your current level of drama experience, we will build on your current skills to make you the best actor you can be. You'll walk away more confident and creative. 


For a mere $175 for a 5-week Basic or Intermediate Camp, and $225 for a 6-week Advanced Camp, we're competitively priced. Hour-for-hour of instruction, we undercut IRT, CYT, Junior Civic Theatre, Footlite, and Young Actors Theatre. Siblings are half-price!

 Call or email today, because we're filling up very quickly!

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© 2018 by Paul "Spike" Wilson, PhD and Page & Stage Theatre Co.

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